About Theresa

TheresaSuchy McGraw, Flowerosity Pioneer & GuideFlowers for me represent a window to the extraordinary. I recall the first time I looked at a flower with a knowing it was so much more than a flower. I became aware of its beauty, exquisite design and reflection of a world that connected me to something much larger. I asked myself, “Who created this beautiful flower?” This one question opened the window to seeing the magnificence in all of creation. And with this awareness, a seed was planted. Little did I know at the time that it would grow to become Seed to Blossom and Flowerosity.

It’s fun to see how our creativity emerges from that seed or kernel of a thought to branch out into something truly wondrous. Think of what you were doing yesterday that brought you to today, showing the synchronicity and aha’s lying just within you. My experience working with individuals and community, from young to seasoned, has enabled me to look at the world in new ways and share in the joys of creating – be it visual, movement, dimensional or deeply spiritual. I continually explore new ideas and opportunities where creativity flows freely. My mantra,

I create to inspire others to create.

It is with immense delight that I welcome you to Flowerosity.

Theresa Suchy McGraw
Flowerosity Founder

Theresa’s Sketchbook

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