Flowerosity – the essence of awareness, curiosity, and imagination.
Feel into them, together they allow for new worlds to unfold and open up.

Imagine discovering unexplored creative paths germinating from your curiosity and imagination. Your creativity is limitless. As are the explorations to be found engaging with Flowerosity. Let’s venture beyond the familiar and known. That’s where the adventure is and it’s up to you!

For Theresa, the visual arts and writing are ways for expressing consciousness (awareness) and enjoying life. Join Theresa as she shares sparks of imagination inspiration, play-like curiosity, and expansional energy through the Flowerosity blog. Flowerosity is also home-base for her ever-morphing creative expression and artwork.

About Theresa

Note: Be aware that by viewing this website’s blog and artwork you may exhibit bouts of joy, laughter, smiles and expansive love.

Featured Image: Thomas Vogel
Website Masthead Image: Muang ChiangRai