The Awareness of Presence

merlin's magic taking form

As we play with curiosity, imagination, and creativity

Curiosity – Embrace a curious mind. A curious mind is part of our higher mind. Everything is about what if’s, I wonder, and what’s possible.

ImaginationFeeling into the magic of the bigger picture, a wider landscape of a vision. What does the vision feel like in all its sensuality? 

Creativity – As creative creatures and multi-dimensional beings, creating is as natural as each breath. Creativity is an energy that flows through our creations when allowing what’s natural and magical to flow.

Presence – Showing up and being fully present in each moment. Breathe and feel into Presence. Our Presence aligns with harmonious waves of energy that vibrate and reconfigure what’s old into what’s possible with new potentials.

Feel, Allow, Flow – When feel, allow and flow unite with awareness and inner-knowing, there are few, if any, obstacles and our curiosity, imagination and creativity flourish.  

merlin's magic giving birth
sketchbook drawing – Merlin’s Magic Giving Birth

All of these together create……

new worlds
new perspectives
new potentials
new ways to play
new storytelling
new symbols
new ways to communicate
new songs of the soul
and so much more

Immerse, expand and play with curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Curiosity Lens: A New Land

Flowerosity Curiosity Lens - A New Land


Warm up your creative juices and inquisitive nature! 

Welcome to the first article of a new series called Curiosity Lens. This series acts as a guide to stretch our curiosity muscle and look at curiosity as an essential lens to view and create the world around us. This series is for anyone and everyone who has a knowing from within they are creators, be it from any walk of life, trade, profession, or way of being. Curiosity’s sidekicks, observation, awareness, and imagination also join in on the adventures.  Enjoy, have fun and get juiced up!

Curiosity Stretching
View the three paintings by artist Fritz Millevoix. Have a journal or recorder ready to document your observations to the questions and expand on any details you’d like to add about the fruit, land, and figure in each painting. ‘Fruit’ is being used as a literal translation to present the curiosity questions. Use your own interpretation as to what you see and follow where your imagination takes you. 

Flowerosity Curiosity Lens - A New Land   Flowerosity Curiosity Lens - A New Land  Flowerosity Curiosity Lens - A New Land

What if it was possible to grow fruit this large…
What would the seed look like?
How big or small is the seed?
What type of plant structure would hold this size fruit?
How heavy or light is the fruit?
What aroma comes from the fruit?
Do the figures have superpowers to carry this size fruit?
What if the figures were miniature.
Where are the figures going to or coming from?
What part of the world does the fruit grow?
Or is it from another planet/galaxy?
What is the fruit used for?
Is it even called fruit?
What if this size fruit had a special name, what would it be?

Keep your inquisitive nature flowing!

Now, look at your present surroundings through your curiosity lens. Use all your senses. Does your reality seem real?

New Discovery

When your art speaks to you

New Discovery: Working with hand-made paper can be a delicate process. The paper can get a wrinkle(s) depending on how you’re handling it. The wrinkle can be an added unique element to the look of the paper, it can be a gotta start over decision-maker wrinkle, or the wrinkle can bring on new ideas and processes. With this artwork, Interface, a wrinkle brought on new materials to support and stabilize the paper while I add the embroidery and beading. I discovered fusible interfacing. Yay! It comes in different weights and can be fusible on one-side or double-sided. An iron is needed to heat set the interfacing to the paper.

When your art speaks to you: What I find humorous about discovering and using the fusible interface is that there is a female-like face within one of the squares. This leads me to the word interface which I’ll share my interpretation – a connection made between two worlds, the physical and non-physical. Yes, I have a creative mind and I like to have fun with it, for me these coincidences add intrigue and spark the imagination. I recently watched the original movie, and the remake, of A Wrinkle in Time.  It all makes me giggle. This is one example of why process art is so much fun and all the synchronicities that come with it!

Interface artwork - cropped front view

Interface artwork - angled view

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