Downers Grove Library Art Display, Theresa Suchy McGraw

Something wonderful has come to fruition! For the month of June, my artwork is on display at the Downers Grove Public Library. Four wall hangings and five process art pieces. For those that live locally, do stop by and check it out! I like to say I create to inspire others to create. This holds true for the art in this show. With each viewer, it is my intention to inspire, spark new ideas, question, and feel the joy that flows through each one of us.

Fluid Color

Fluid Color in motion, process art
the awe and wonder of water and color in motion


Fluid, in motion, flow, and momentum – the feelings when the creative process and intuitive self are in synch for whatever it is your intentions are set upon. Then come the vivid colors and clarity for bringing the intention into form, this physical world, with a multi-dimensional perspective.

This video has two purposes – to share in the playful process of color mixing with young children, and for older beings to be in awe of water and color in motion within a boundless and fluid meditation.

The video also includes the process Set Up.


Music: Moment of Truth (piano version) by David Hilowitz


First Time Flower

Child hand holding spring flowers

…through the eyes of a child

Imagine seeing a flower for the first time as a child here on earth – a violet in the grass, a dandelion, tulip or daisy. Indoors as the mother puts flowers in a vase to beautify the home, or outside in a backyard garden or on a forest or prairie walk.  As the adult, would you be open to having the child pick a flower, touch, smell and explore the flower parts by pulling the petals off, or what about setting out some paint and having the child use the flower as a brush to paint a picture?

At a very early age when children are like sponges taking in extraordinary amounts of information and exploring the world around them, this is prime time to engage a child’s playful curiosity and imagination for discoveries and creative opportunities. The learning is all about the process and exploring the properties of the nature items. Getting to know flowers in this way can be a stepping stone to next steps such as storybooks about flowers, flower songs and poems, planting flower seeds or bulbs, flower scavenger hunt, flower and plant drawing, and so much more.

There’s this belief that children should never pick flowers. That all flowers are sacrosanct, too beautiful for children to touch, pick or handle. Yes, flowers are beautiful and we all want to enjoy them but we’ve forgotten one important fact: children connect with nature when they have the freedom to touch and interact with it. Children need to pick flowers, hold worms, squish mud, catch butterflies, break sticks and smash rocks to learn about how the natural world works. Children will never learn how to care for flowers without having the chance to pick and play with them.
Backwoods Mama, Yes! Let Your Child Pick Flowers

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