Can you feel it?

colorful expressive brush strokes

An abundance of creative expression keeps on expanding!

Feeling is everything. It goes way beyond the mind when it comes to imagination, creative expression and living life as a creator. When I feel into being a creator, a creator of anything and everything, I was brought back to a post from Nature’s Sweet Grace, a pre-Flowerosity sister site, which I’d like to share here – We As Creators. Enjoy!

Feeling is a soft, light knowingness all-ways tickling you with delight. I was recently on Instagram and blown away by the amount of creative expression being posted. So easy to get mesmerized by it all. It can be overwhelming and our true gut feeling can begin to fade. Ahhh, the breath, brings the feeling back to I Am a Creator and here to create in my true free expression. I choose this! So even though I use social media, I rarely go on to amuse. Just that once in a while visit is enough to see and FEEL the global creative expansion. Heck, it can be felt without going on any social media.

Can you feel it?

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