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Other Discovery Ingredients

flowers walking, dancing and flying

…for establishing your flower’s existence We already have the three main ingredients – curiosity, imagination and creativity. Let’s add four more  – body, substance, vibration and presence. Body – brings your flower into the world of form Substance – your flower’s essence Vibration –… Continue Reading “Other Discovery Ingredients”

Here to Create

Curiosity breathes creativity and creativity breathes curiosity. Like twin souls, they weave their way into the fabric of our Being. Each moment going beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary. Rewiring our inner technology with new vision and awareness. Breath in curiosity, breath out old… Continue Reading “Here to Create”

Unlearn What You Already Know

Flowerosity sketch #15

…for the may possibilities to take place. As I have explored and played on my Seed to Blossom journey, I have found that the  most challenging part is to unlearn what I already know, or think I know, about any flower or plant. You… Continue Reading “Unlearn What You Already Know”