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Art Submissions

blue glass flower - stem-with-light-bulbs-all-over-top-for-new-electric-concept-picture-id90251930

Flowerosity Gallery Flowerosity is now accepting art submissions for the Flowerosity Gallery. You’ll find everything you need to know about submitting your art here. View recent posts: Haven Flower Hanami 2050 Through my research there are a zillion (well almost) representations of flowers as…

The Story of a Flower

The Story of a Flower - Starts with CosmicOpenLand

…from Seed to Blossom Preface In another realm not to far from earth, there exists a vast cosmic open land. This cosmic open land is a base station where all flower origination takes place. With no two flowers ever alike, each are unique in…

Other Discovery Ingredients

flowers walking, dancing and flying

…for establishing your flower’s existence We already have the three main ingredients – curiosity, imagination and creativity. Let’s add four more¬† – body, substance, vibration and presence. Body – brings your flower into the world of form Substance – your flower’s essence Vibration –…