City in the Sky

City in the Sky


By Bulgaria-born, London-based architect Tsvetan Toshkov

City in the sky from Tsvetan T on Vimeo.

This futuristic lotus shaped city is a concept that was shared via the web in 2012. It’s so beautifully designed that it looks possible for this city to exist today, 2019, somewhere on this planet.  For more images and views of City in the Sky, visit NOMAD, a studio for digital illustration and film.

Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay opened in 2012 and resembles City in the Sky through the concept of a futuristic nature park. Yes, this place you can visit and experience!

Supertree Grove and OCBC Skyway


Gardens by the Bay-Singapore

Nature’s design is weaved into everything we see that is around us.  Spirals, branching, layers, bilateral and radial symmetry, can it get any more beautiful and amazing than this? Yes!

Several days later after eating a mandarin orange, I came across this. Do you see the connection, the universal patterns found in nature with the Supertree Grove!?

mandarin orange and universal patterns found in nature

Featured Image by FORMAD

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