Curiosity Lens: Many Views

watercolor top view-1 horizontal

Comes with being open to a new way of seeing and feeling. 

Curiosity Lens. This series acts as a guide to stretch our curiosity muscle and look at curiosity as an essential lens to view and create the world around us. This series is for anyone and everyone who has a knowing from within they are creators, be it from any walk of life, trade, profession, or way of being. Curiosity’s sidekicks, observationawareness, and imagination also join in on the adventures.

Curiosity Stretching
View each painting in the top row. Which painting do your eyes tend to fixate on? Then feel into each painting. Which painting resonates with you the most? View and feel into the bottom row paintings. For larger images and slideshow click on an image. Come back to these paintings on another day, view and feel into them again. What’s different?

Though you are viewing and feeling these as two-dimensional artworks, put on a new lens and imagine now that you are going into the painting. Become the paint as the painting is being painted. Is the paint dancing, singing, flowing, communing with the paintbrush, what else? What if the painting became a blanket wrapping itself around you? What if you could breathe in each color and then exhale new colors to create a new painting, no brush needed, only your breath? How else can these two-dimensional paintings transform into a new way of being?

I was curious about having the option to view an abstract painting from different orientations. From there these two paintings were created with the intention that they could be displayed vertical or horizontal without distinguishing which is top or bottom. This gives the person with the painting in their home or business to display it one way today and another way another day. Technical note, when painting I turned the canvas/art paper clockwise, completing a rotation several times.

New Lens: Looking at life through a new lens, or many. Let’s take it to another level by entering the world of new energy. When you have a question regarding something in your present-day life, view and feel into the question from many angles/new lenses as if there are many solutions all around you. Life is not meant to be linear and one-sided, we are souled beings, and multidimensional after all! Answers can come to you showing many different potentials to choose from. Begin by looking within with a knowing there is more than one way. There are many. Feel into them, choose, allow, and watch what happens. See how everything comes together.

Have fun, enjoy!

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