Why Flowerosity?

  • Flowers are a window to the extraordinary in their beauty and exquisite design
  • Most of us hold some familiarity or connection to flowers 
  • The use of the metaphor Seed to Blossom allows for the integration of discovery and creativity
  • Flowerosity is used as a creative tool for self-awareness and conscious creation
  • Flowerosity engages us in an experiential adventure versus a literal flower interpretation
  • Flowerosity acts as a portal for pure creative potential to flow through
  • Flowerosity creates community and opportunities to share in the creative process
  • Ages 3 to 100+ can participate

What is Seed to Blossom?
Undiscovered creativity does not yet exist on paper, in words, or in form. It flowers forth through your curiosity, imagination and creativity.

This flowering creativity begins with Seed to Blossom – an inquisitive and creative process that allows you to imagine a flower that is not yet known and bring it to life from its seeds’ conception through to full bloom.  Seed to Blossom can take place as an onsite class/workshop, one-on-one session, or self-paced Seed to Blossom eCourse. Seed to Blossom can be playful, experiential, introspective, collaborative, or another interpretive expression. You choose where to take the experience.

How can I find out more about Seed to Blossom
Visit the Seed to Blossom page or send an inquiry through the Contact page.

What is the Flowerosity Gallery?
Flowerosity’s Gallery is an online global community of artists and flower enthusiasts that come together and share their curiosity, imagination and creativity in the creation of an unexpected, new and unique flower – showcased in Flowerosity’s Gallery.

How does this discovery happen?
Through the literary, visual and performing arts, along with architecture and other design related fields – traditional to the unconventional: animation, digital art, drawing, painting, mixed media, installation, textiles, photography, dance, music, poetry, and other art forms.

How can I find out more about Flowerosity Gallery
Visit Submit Your Art or send an inquiry through the Contact page.