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An Ah Ha Story….

rainbow daisy

I live in an apartment where all the walls happen to be a light cool grey. I knew signing my lease that this wall color does not resonate with me, yet I still signed a lease, and I’m even into a second year! Reason being, there are so many other reasons that I like about this place and they speak louder than the wall color. Given all that, I’m aware that I chose to work around the grey by adding color to everything with the intention of warming the place up and visually imagining the grey into the background so as not to be so obvious. I’ve even gone to the extent of painting furniture; book shelf, table, frame, lamps, chair and canvases. Next coming is black to balance all the color I’ve been adding. Oh my! How about a circular black rug and two black couch pillows. After I started feeling into black, I had an ah-ha moment. Even by adding color in many different ways to this apartment, the walls are still grey, and will be grey until the day I move out and on to another life adventure. So stop trying to overtake the grey! It’s funny how that simple ah ha brought me to looking at my place in a whole new way. I’m lovin’ where all the colors have landed in harmony with the grey walls. I can rest now, live and enjoy. 

On another note, I liken one’s physical living space to one’s inner space. Each color has its own energy when feeling it. I judged the abundance of light cool grey walls to mean that my life has no color, no richness to it. Well, that’s a belief system to do away with about the color grey. Goodbye belief about the color grey! I’m allowing the grey to be grey with no attachments to any meaning for grey, even in all it’s neutrality. 

My ah ha story is now ahhhhhh which =  relax, grace and gratitude.

Rainbow flower Image: tr3gi

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