Imagination Elation

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The essence of creating from multisensory feelings

What is imagination for you? Can imagination even be defined? Short answer, yes, to bring meaning and purpose for the lower mind to visualize and understand. On the other end of the spectrum, and another perspective, imagination is open-ended and undefinable. Imagination sprouts from multisensory feelings, past the basic feelings and senses we are used to. Therefore each person experiences their imagination in different ways. We are multidimensional beings, creators of our world and how we choose to experience it. From the higher mind, everything flows together with ease in its knowing harmonious way filled with expansion and soul consciousness. No matter what you call yourself by what you do or by just being, imagination weaves its way into life’s tapestry.

A visual artist may be transported while painting an abstract landscape sensing the breeze in the sky, warmth of the sun, smells of plant life, sounds of birds and conversations between figures, the touch of grass while laying on the ground, and a peaceful feeling from allowing the paint to respond to one’s inner joy. And so much more all while sensing and feeling from all directions beyond space and time.

Take it from Mary Poppins and Bert, it’s one thing to look at a painting, it’s another to jump into it and experience it. This is Imagination Elation, the essence of creating from multisensory feelings. Though I used a painter painting as an example, use your expanded imagination for the conscious creation of a project, choosing a new home, a place you’d like to travel to, etc. Every soulful being on this planet has access to experience Imagination Elation. You can liken it to a muscle, the more you use it in your daily life, the more awareness you’ll have for conscious creation. 

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