Little Pod Gets Its Wings

daylily seed head pod birds

As I was sitting on a park bench…

I looked up, and to my surprise I saw many bean pods dangling from a Kentucky Coffee tree. It’s Spring and this is when they fall to the ground and the squirrels and other nature creatures eat the beans from the pods. Brought back a memory of when I used to collect the pods and make Bean Pod Birds. See link here to a tutorial. I even wrote a story about them for my daughters birthday, which I’ll also share. A story about going out into the world on your own and being authentic to one’s true Self.

To make a pod bird most any kind of pod will do! Recent pod crafting, I made these pod birds from daylily seed heads.

  • daylily seed head pods
  • daylily seed head pods
  • hole drilled into daylily seed head pods
  • pod bird
  • pod bird
  • pod bird
  • daylily seed head pod birds

Little Pod Gets Its Wings

From Kindle eBook Nature’s Sweet Grace

“What a grand day it is little pods! Today is the day you kiss the earth, for she is preparing to caress you with her soft velvety blanket. Are you ready?” asked Mother Tree.

The little pods shout out, “Yes, we are ready!”

Mother Tree knows that some pods are more attuned to this day than others. In her caring way, she’ll release the pods that have the knowing of what they are to become, and the other pods are to be released when they are ready.

So Mother Tree begins. Spiralling upward from the lowest branch to the highest, one by one, each little pod takes their turn to be released from the branch, falling gracefully to greet the earth with a kiss. With each pod’s kiss, the earth wraps the pod with a velvety soft mossy blanket.

When Mother Tree is ready to release the last pod from the highest branch she senses the little pod trying to hide behind a leaf. Mother Tree smiles and says, “Dearest Little Pod, tell me what you are feeling. I sense you have something you wish to share.”

“Mother Tree,” Little Pod hesitantly speaks, “I wish to fly like the birds and soar in the sky with wings. You have prepared and taught me well for this day, to kiss and love the earth. I always will. Yet, today my pod is speaking to me and I can feel wings growing inside me.”

Mother Tree was quiet for a moment. She has heard from other Mother Trees that this happens with little pods who have a deep knowing that they have a different calling. It’s not a calling to judge, hide or be afraid of. It is a calling to celebrate, acknowledge and be free to live in this new way and allow the music to sing from within.

With a smile, Mother Tree asks, “Little Pod, are you ready on this grand day to sprout your wings and fly? It’s OK, go now, fly, and touch the sky!”

Mother Tree released Little Pod from the branch. At that moment Little Pod sprouted wings that shimmered in the sun’s light. Little Pods wings fluttered up and down faster and faster, taking Little Pod higher in the sky. Little Pod flew around the Mother Tree smiling and singing a song of gratitude. Little Pod sings, “I am free, I am free, I am free to be me, thank you, thank you Mother Tree.”

While singing the gratitude song, Little Pod decides to fly higher and sees a twinkling light in the distance. Setting out to discover a new world, Little Pod flies over rivers and roaming hills with wildflower fields and forests. Nearing the top of the last hill where the twinkling light is coming from, Little Pod feels a warming glow inside its pod. With amazement, on the other side of the hill Little Pod sees…


What does Little Pod see? You decide. Make it part of your life story.

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