Living Color

Living Color - cropped painting

In essence and color

As you find yourself homebound, take this time as an opportunity to enjoy some kind of creative outlet, be it visual arts, creative writing/poetry, music, cooking, sewing, carpentry, anything that SPARKS you.

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Diving into color, and the energy of color, is truly an extraordinary experience. As I played with colors I explored energy, movement, control, allowing, and letting go. This painting has five different layers, each its own painting. I do not have photos of the first two painting layers, I can tell you the first layer was soft and surreal with crimson and deep purple, the second explored movement with blue and white with part of the first layer showing through. The process started to go mental and move away from the flow, uggg. The third layer took on a bolder hello world of color. The fourth layer began to flow with colors that resonated with what I’ll call the essence. The fifth layer, top painting, is truly a compilation of all layers. As I let go of any conceived image I had, whatever came from this layer is what it is to be. Did I really need to go through all of this to get to the top layer painting? No. I can say it was fun, I enjoyed every moment with awareness and humor. Ha!

Living Energy Painting - underpainting
Third layer – painting
Living Energy Painting, 4th layer
Fourth layer – painting
Living Energy, 36x36", front view, top layer
Fifth and final layer – painting

On to the next. It begins with a blank canvas, the space of being open to the present and essence of what’s about to transpire.

blank canvas, 36x36"
Next canvas ready to paint!

New – Check out the Paintings slide show.

Living energy is also about the energy inside us, who we truly are. We connect with this space through our breath and looking/going inward. Before or after your creative outlet, take a moment to breathe deeply and simply Be. Just as I, my Being, was the constant through each different painting, you are the constant, the awareness and presence through all the outside worldly changes.

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