Making new space

For color, light and living life

I am continually playing with color, light, reflection, texture, style, design and whimsy in my new living space. What is space anyway, so many ways to perceive and experience it. I liken a living space to one’s inner space, an inner sanctuary of the Divine, earthly heaven, essence and living art.

And my intention for this valence project is an arty, bohemian, gypsy, and whimsical feel. The valence is to distinguish two spaces (kitchen & living room) within an open space layout. Subtle and yet there, bringing forth an ever changing light show from the natural light pouring in through the windows to the fixed lighting from the light fixtures. The valence is made up of different kinds of beads to allow sparkle, color and harmony. The beads act as dots of color that also tie in with the dots of color from an Iris Scott canvas print, Hawksbill, on a near by wall.

Loven’ the feeling!

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