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When your art speaks to you

New Discovery: Working with hand-made paper can be a delicate process. The paper can get a wrinkle(s) depending on how you’re handling it. The wrinkle can be an added unique element to the look of the paper, it can be a gotta start over decision-maker wrinkle, or the wrinkle can bring on new ideas and processes. With this artwork, Interface, a wrinkle brought on new materials to support and stabilize the paper while I add the embroidery and beading. I discovered fusible interfacing. Yay! It comes in different weights and can be fusible on one-side or double-sided. An iron is needed to heat set the interfacing to the paper.

When your art speaks to you: What I find humorous about discovering and using the fusible interface is that there is a female-like face within one of the squares. This leads me to the word interface which I’ll share my interpretation – a connection made between two worlds, the physical and non-physical. Yes, I have a creative mind and I like to have fun with it, for me these coincidences add intrigue and spark the imagination. I recently watched the original movie, and the remake, of A Wrinkle in Time.  It all makes me giggle. This is one example of why process art is so much fun and all the synchronicities that come with it!

Interface artwork - cropped front view

Interface artwork - angled view

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