New from the Sketchbook

sketchbook flower transendance

start, pen to paper
lines, curves, shadow, light, silence
the unexpected

Putting pen to paper turns into a continuous flow of black marks that manifest themselves into a flower. The flower has always existed. It’s now being brought into the physical world within my sketchbook.

Keeping a sketchbook is a true art form. There are artists who write notations next to their sketches and others one sketch per page, some work in B/W, some color. Sometimes sketches look like completed illustrations.  What’s your style?

The Art of the Sketchbook, Artists and the Creative Diary

The Art of the Sketchbook: Artists and the Creative Diary is a book that celebrates this art and opens the pages of thirty-five sketchbooks, sharing with us interviews and sketches in their raw form and how they can lead to a larger body of work.

Next time you happen to visit Brooklyn NY, visit the Brooklyn Library’s Sketchbook Project. There are tens of thousands of sketchbooks currently in the collection, created by artists from around the world.

Here’s a selection of recent sketchbook drawings.

Flower sketch #17  Flower sketch #45  Flower sketch #41  Flower sketch #38  Flower sketch #46  Flower sketch #16



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