Other Discovery Ingredients

flowers walking, dancing and flying

…for establishing your flower’s existence

We already have the three main ingredients – curiosity, imagination and creativity. Let’s add four more  – body, substance, vibration and presence.

Body – brings your flower into the world of form

Substance – your flower’s essence

Vibration – an extension of your flower’s essence that expands far beyond what we are capable of seeing

Presence – being intune and aware of your flower’s existence with allowing, grace and joy

There are times when an artist is in the zone creating art, doesn’t matter what medium, there is a flow and downloading taking place that allows for spontaneous sparks of creativity. Curiosity, imagination, creativity, body, substance, vibration and presence all come together in coherence with your flower.  WOW!

With these ingredients, create and send a request to share your newly discovered flower with Flowerosity!


Featured Image: Theresa’s Sketchbook

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