The Awareness of Presence

merlin's magic taking form

As we play with curiosity, imagination, and creativity. 

Curiosity – Embrace a curious mind. A curious mind is part of our expansional mind. Everything is about what if’s, I wonder, and what’s possible into the unknown.

ImaginationFeeling into the magic of the bigger picture, a wider landscape of a vision. What does the vision feel like in all its sensuality? 

Creativity – As creative creatures and multi-dimensional beings, creating is as natural as each breath. Creativity is an energy that flows through our creations when allowing what’s natural and magical to flow.

Presence – Showing up and being fully present in each moment. Breathe and feel into Presence. Our Presence aligns with harmonious waves of energy that vibrate and reconfigure what’s old into what’s possible with new potentials.

Feel, Allow, Flow – When feel, allow and flow unite with awareness and inner-knowing, there are few, if any, obstacles and our curiosity, imagination and creativity flourish.  

merlin's magic giving birth
sketchbook drawing – Merlin’s Magic Giving Birth

All of these together create……

new worlds
new perspectives
new potentials
new ways to play
new storytelling
new symbols
new ways to communicate
new songs of the soul
and so much more

Immerse, expand and play with curiosity, imagination and creativity.

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