The ever changing canvas

the ever changing canvas-4

This canvas began as a way for me to clean the extra paint off brushes and paint pallet at the end of each painting session. It’s fun to watch this ever changing canvas evolve as the colors I use change with each painting. Switching up the canvas orientation, vertical/horizontal, also changes the color landscape. There is no vision or purpose on where the paint goes, how I apply it, and what it ends up looking like. No attachment to the outcome. Lot’s of freedom in this! It’s all about applying the extra bit of paint left over from the session and putting it onto this ever changing canvas. Even if you’re an abstract expressive painter, when working on a painting there is a completion and knowing when a painting is done. The ever changing canvas is ever evolving and continues to live on.

If painting is a way of Self expression for you, start an ever changing canvas! It’s fun, playful, and freeing.

The above featured image is the present ever changing canvas. Below are several canvas images out of many since the first paint was applied in early 2020. Gives you an idea on how the ever changing canvas evolved.

the ever changing canvas-3
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