The Story of a Flower – Part Four

The Story of a Flower - color drawing of branch flowers

…from Seed to Blossom

Part One
Part Two

Part Three

The Story of a Flower - landscape drawing  The Story of a Flower - branch flower and bud sketches

The Flower
The tree branches arch and sway outward from the main trunk. Each branch is covered with vine-like spiraling buds and blossoms that self-reproduce. When a flower reaches a point where it’s ready to drop from the tree and return to the earth, a new bud begins to sprout in the same spot. Some flowers fall into the pod-like cups and float in the sweet liquid nectar. The floating flowers then become edible and are eaten by those who visit the tree. Truly a transcendent experience.

The flowers are known to be among the highest frequencies on earth. They release a soft, luscious scent that reaches far beyond the hill where it lives, attracting soulful beings who come in awe of the beauty of the tree. When inhaling the scent it brings nourishment and coherence to the whole system of who or whatever is taking it in.
color blossom

With aquamarines, sky blues, magentas and pinks, golden delight yellows to brilliant greens/purple combos, the flowers silky petals and velvety leaves all come together to shape the buds and blossoms.   

The Essence
The energy and expansion of this flowering tree, from seed to blossom, is exquisitely extraordinary. The magnificence from the heart center out to the flowering branches, pod-like cups and night sky stars embody and share in the infinite source energy with all.
The Story of a Flower - Flower Painting

The essence for the flowering tree is called e-turn-l-rae-d-aunce.

So now you know the story of the flowering tree that came to be, from the seeds’ conception through to full bloom. The essence has and still is, supporting me on my life journey here on earth in coherence with the seeds’ original blueprint and flowers’ essence.

Thank you for following the four-part story, The Story of a Flower.
With gratitude, for you the gift of a poem.

pre-seed, post-seed,
in between now seed

we grow, we become,
transcend as light seed

sovereign being, light being,
human being joy seed

we are here, light and love,
harmonious we seed


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