The Story of a Flower – Part Three

The Story of a Flower - Part Three - Tree Full view, full bloom

…from Seed to Blossom

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The Seeds’ Knowing
The seed holds a blueprint for its existence; what it is to become, how it grows, how it’s nourished and its purpose on earth. The seed knows it’s going to be a tree that grows tall and wide located in a park on a hill at the edge of a clearing, and near a forest that runs along a stream. On the hill the tree has a clear view of the sunrise and the sunset. The seed also knows its essence is eternal and when the tree reaches full growth it will exist on the earth as long as earth exists to serve, share its beauty and be present.

The Story of a Flower - Part Three - Birthing new lightFirst Light
After the seed’s been in the earthy womb for five human years the foundational roots have grown deep. The beginnings of the trees organic architecture is ready to break through the soil and birth itself into the new light. First light – whoosh – ahhhhhhhh. Though no words can accurately describe the feeling of first light and breaking through, just know each seed experiences this extraordinary happening with allowing.

Growing Into a New World
As the tree takes hold in this new world above ground, there is ebb and flow to the growth cycle. Fast growing with deep rest between each growth spurt – rest and grow, rest and grow. During the growth cycle the tree is introduced to its companion plants, velvety smooth grass and moss that hold and drip the morning dew. There are many companion creatures of the two-legged, four-legged, creepy crawly and winged kind. Nourishing each other, they exchange in the life energy that flows through all.

From the night sky a companion star shares its light with the tree. When the star is high in the night sky the liquid in the pod-like cups glows with luminous light.

The Story of a Flower - part three - four earth quadrdrants

The trees roots grow deep caressing the soil with great gratitude. There are curly hairs that cover the roots receiving nourishment and releasing nourishment back to soil and underground organisms. From the depths of the earth the tree’s roots drink in the pure, clear and cool crystalline waters. Above ground, the roots grow pod-like cups for the flowering branches to drip their sweet liquid nectar into. Animals, insects, earthlings and other visiting souls come and drink from these pod-like cups.

Over the span of four human years the tree’s roots continue to grow thick and deep to the earth’s center. At the center the main root splinters out to create three additional roots. Each of the three roots grow outward to a designated quadrant on the planet producing a companion tree with the same organic architecture as the first. The trees communicate to each other from the earth’s center which acts as a communication hub and is also considered the eternal heart. From the center stabilizing harmonics vibrate upward through the roots to the tree and earth’s surface.

To be continued….

Featured Image(s): Theresa – Seed to Blossom

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