The Story of a Flower – Part Two

Seed Planting, The Story of a Flower Part Two

…from Seed to Blossom

Part One
Part Two

The Base Station
The cosmic open land base station is quite large, say approximately three earths wide and one earth deep. Every kind of earthly environment exists here. There are forests, deserts, wetlands, prairies, jungles, tropics, mountains, seascapes, gardens, glaciers and environments not yet heard of. To support a flower’s creation there are companion plants, insects and animals and flower designs with infinite colors, shapes and patterns. They all come together and happily exist under dark starry majestic night skies and brilliant blue day skies.

A Seed is Called to Earth
A vibrational light wave is sent out throughout the cosmic open land when an earthling baby is to be born. When the light wave feels in coherence to a flower, the chosen flower extracts a seed into the light wave, preparing the seed for transport through a luminous liquid light portal to earth’s atmosphere. Once in the earth’s atmosphere the seeds internal guiding system knows exactly where to land and be planted.

My Seed
My seed that came to earth has four winged petals with an intricate lace-like design and clear reflective film between the lace pattern. The seeds’ center has liquid glowing swirls of rainbow colors that could sense heat and light waves. Each seed detail played a part in preparation for knowing the landing location called the sweet spot. The sweet spot disperses a scent that acts like a song singing come to me I sing the songs of the soul. There are tiny glowing insects that form a circle for the sweet spot landing pad.

Seed Planting
After one human year hovering over the sweet spot the seed begins its descent. The rainbow colors from the seeds center begins to flow out to the veins of the lace-like wings turning the seed pearlescent. The descending seed shoots out nutrient dense fluid from its wings for the glowing insects as an act of gratitude. Zigzag hairs begin to grow on the wings edges for attaching itself to the soil upon landing. Once landed the seed secures itself to the soil, then detaches its wing petals for the insects to carry away. The seeds’ center remains, vibrating enough to loosen the soil and sink. Still vibrating, loose soil covers the top of the seed. The planted seed enlarges to four times its size and pulsates with rhythmic light.

To be continued….

Featured Image: Theresa – Seed to Blossom

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