Work Space Bead Art

bead art piece feature image

Enhancing Your Work/Play Environment

This beaded art piece was a request from my niece. She was sparked by the beading I created for my living space and could imagine a beaded piece for her work space. She is starting a new business working from home and this is to hang above her laptop computer/work area. She sent me measurements to create within, color palette to work from, and she also purchased several bead choices that resonated with her and had them sent to me.

Click on image to view slideshow. Photos taken in my studio before sending out. This beaded art piece will end up hanging from ceiling hooks.

The beaded art piece started out completely different. The bead length was twice as long and the chosen wood ended up not being strong enough for all the beads. Quite the experience and adventure to get it to where it is. Now the bead length compliments the the width in a grand way, and it is built to last an eternity!

The construction was similar to Making New Space.

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